Shark Water Gun Backpack

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Water guns give you a different summer!
Are you worried about your child spending too much time on the phone?

Do you want to find something to ease the summer trouble?

Let's go to the ultimate water battle and find some offline fun.

These water guns are ideal water toys for hot summer months. At the seaside, swimming pool, water park, home, when you play with friends or family to create more beautiful memories, the water gun will bring you a lot of fun.

Operation method:
1. Open the cover of the water injection hole.
2. Add enough water to the water gun.
3. Pull the trigger to start.

Summer wet fun
1. In this hot summer, spray water with a spray gun to eliminate heat and boredom!
2. Great for pool parties, beach games and backyard activities.

Precious Pack
1. Many different styles of water guns bring interesting games for children.
2. Our water gun is made of high-quality plastic, which is durable.