2-in-1 Humidifier and Nightlight

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Size: 135*135*115mm
Color: Gold
Voltage Input: DC5V
Working Current: Light: 400mA/ Spray: 400mA
Working Power: Light: 2W/ Spray: 2W
Water Tank Capacity 500mL
Spray Water: About 45mL/H

Spray Button Description:
Spray long press mode one: Long press 1.5 seconds, long spray time is 10 hours, closed in 1.5 seconds.
Spray long press mode two: long press 1.5 seconds, spray 3 seconds stop 3 seconds for 20 hours in 1.5 seconds.

Projection Key Description:
Projection lamp short mode: short press light, short press to close.
The order of the lights is: red, green, blue, red green, green blue, red and blue. The lantern is bright red, green and blue.
The dreamtime night projection is a long and silent confession. It uses 9 bright chips, LED bulbs, and the projection area is wide and clear.
500ml the golden water tank can sleep without water and large capacity water tank without frequent water addition.
Nano atomization will turn water mist into nano water particles of micron water molecules, and wear skin directly to the base layer to moisten the water lacking skin.