Blue Ray Glasses - UV Protection - Black - Adult

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If protecting your family is a main priority, protect their eyes with some of these cool blue ray glasses. Available in a range of colours, you and your kids will look stylish while your eyes are protected from harmful ultraviolet and violet blue light. This harmful light is emitted from screens, and living in a technologically advanced world, is difficult to escape. These protective glasses filter out these harmful lights and turn them into good light. Designed not only for protection, but comfort, the simple frame does not clip the face, and the nasal bracket fits comfortably on the bridge of your nose. Staring at a screen too long might not make their eyes square, but still might damage them. Protect that from happening with these sleek glasses.



Filters harmful ultraviolet and violet blue light

Can be used when looking at any screen

Protects against blue light

Comfortable to wear for a long time


Nasal bracket to fit comfortably on bridge of nose

Designed to fit the shape of the auricle

Simple frame design to avoid clipping the face

Elastic enough to fit the contours of the face

Free deformation does not press the face

Variety of eye-catching colour 

High quality material

Not easy to cause allergies

Materials: AC (lens) PC (frame)

Colour: Green

Please note that due to different monitors and lighting, the colour may vary slightly from the pictures. 


What comes in the box:

1 x Blue Ray Glasses