Christmas Projection Humidifier

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1. Material: PP/PC/silicone/film/electronic components
2. Water tank capacity: 250ml
3. Battery voltage: DC5V
4. Working power: 2.5W
5. Working current: 300-450mA
6. Use time: continuous spraying about 4 hours; intermittent spraying about 8 hours
7. Good sealing and long service life
8. Fog outlet, fine water mist
9. Soft rubber base for stable placement
10. A large capacity of 250ml, one time of water can be used for 8 hours to avoid the growth of bacteria
11. Button + TYPE-C interface, plug-in use
12. Four light modes, soft and not dazzling
13. Product size: 140x140x106 mm
14. Product weight: 230 grams

Lighting function:
- Click for the first time to turn on the first warm color;
- Click for the second time to switch to the second blue light;
- Click for the third time to switch to the third green light;
- Click for the fourth time to switch to rotating marquee;
- Turn off all light modes for the fifth single machine;

Spray function:
- Press and hold for 1.5 seconds for the first time to turn on the spray;
- Long press again for 1.5 seconds to switch to intermittent mode;
- Long press for the third time to turn off the spray mode;

Cotton swab:
- It is best to fully drench the cotton swab for the first use (it takes a few minutes to absorb water to soak the cotton swab)
- Give one more cotton swab, if you find that the spray volume becomes smaller after long-term use, you can try to remove the cotton swab and install another one or replace it with a new one
- During the installation process, please do not lose or load less bomb yellow, first load bomb yellow on the bottom, and then install the cotton swab

Product standard configuration:
- Planetary humidifier main body x 1
- Data cable x 1
- Chinese and English manual x 1
- One spare cotton swab x 1