DC-DC Charger (20A) - Alternator or Solar

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* Vehicle’s alternator and solar panel are not designed to operate simultaneously. only one input at a time
  • 20A DC to DC charger advanced technology and efficiency.
  • Suitable for AGM, Gel, calcium, LiFePO4, VRLA and flooded battery
  • Compatible with smart alternator.
  • Pulse charging algorithm designed to recover your discharged SLA battery.
  • Over-charge, short circuit, over-temperature, thermal load,
  • Integrated solar input overload, input/output reverse polarity protection

Key Features:

  • Dual Input: This Charger is designed to effectively pull power from solar panel (up to 20A) or vehicle’s alternator to charge your auxiliary battery.
  • Multi Battery Types: Compatible with AGM, Gel, calcium, LiFePO4, VRLA and flooded  lead acid battery
  • Smart Alternator Compatible: The ACC wire can be wired to the ignition to adjust voltage cut off, which is suitable for modern vehicle, trailers and caravans.
  • Built-In MPPT Regulator
  • Internal Temperature Monitoring: This mechanism can effectively protect the circuit board, thus prolong the lifespan of the charger.
  • Sturdy aluminum housing is built to resist harsh conditions and quality wires are built for long lasting durability.
  • This DC to DC charger is ideal for 4WDs, caravans, RVs, trucks, campers, trailers, campervans, commercial vehicles and boats.