IAMA Card/Travel Size - Alcohol Free Environment Friendly Sanitizer

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Protect Children and staff with our Eco friendly sanitisers, killing the bacteria before they get to us.


At IAMA we care about the health of your children, your health, and the overall stability of the environment, that’s why we continually attempt to develop products that are safer and less toxic than traditional cleaners. We’ve created special systems for delivering these products in an effective manner, taking Eco-friendly to new levels in the aerosol manufacturing industry.  Minimising carbon footprint and the emission of greenhouse gases with maintaining ecological balance where possible, by using our technology allows you to replace petrochemical gases and an use an ecologically-neutral product to supply to any and all industries.

Many children spend a great deal of time in the care of Daycares and schools, and are at risk for the health issues they could inflict, it is essential that we understand how to best clean and disinfect areas.

Shifting towards Eco-friendly products is a great move towards sustainability.