JellyFish Facial Sponge

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The Exfoliating Jellyfish Silicon Brush is a cleansing tool that gently and deeply cleanse pores, while exfoliating and massaging your skin. The soft and dense bristles help to clean out any remaining makeup and excess sebum without irritating the skin, while the side with the thick silicon bristles and sponge help to massage your face and also acts as a foaming sponge.


TIP: This tool can also be used to clean your cushion/ makeup puffs!


How to Use:

Wet the silicon brush, squeeze the cleansing foam into the sponge hole at the bottom and work up a lather by rubbing it with your hands. Use the fine silicon bristles to cleanse the face, working it in a circle and moving from inside to outwards. Use the other side with the bigger bristles to massage.