Magic Colour Changing Highlighters - Chameleon - 7pc

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  • 🖍 The magic highlighters that can change colors. Use one side to highlight, the other size to change the color on the highlighted content. One end of the highlighters can write as a highlighter and if you erase it by the other end, the color will be changed from green to yellow, orange to yellow, brown to green, red to yellow, dark blue to light blue, purple to green, blue to pink.
  • 🖍 Convenient neon highlighter pen set featuring bright, water-based fluorescent pigmented ink for excellent waterproofness and light-resistance once dry. Assortment of bright fluorescent ink colors, including orange, green, blue, red, purple and brown.
  • 🖍Brighter and bolder neon fluorescent colors can absorb and reflect more light than conventional colors. Fast-drying ink is waterproof and fade-resistant. Won’t smear when highlighting over pencil or ink and won’t bleed through most papers.