Magnetic Spice Rack

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The 6 Magnetic Spice Rack Organizer brings order to chaos, keeping your counters and cupboards clutter-free and making it easy to find herbs and other seasonings while you're cooking. It also makes the pouring easier to control and ensures the perfect taste of food.

- With high strength, wear resistance, and rust resistance
- Cupboard. Save space, keep your kitchen neat and tidy
- The lids also have a swivel function with screening and pouring openings
- Make the pouring easier to control, ensure the perfect taste of food
- Strong magnet backs allow you to stick these spice cans on any metal surface such as a refrigerator

- Silver Colour
- 0.4kg Weight
- Color: Silver
- Materials: Stainless steel
- Size of the board: 5.7 * 8.7 in (14.5 * 22 cm)
- Size of spice jar: 1.8 * 2.5 in (4.5 * 6.3 cm)