Magnetic Window Cleaner

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Cleans dries and polishes both sides of the glass at the same time leaving the window streak-free.
Suitable for all double glazed windows.
Its powerful internal magnets lock the two sides of the Wizard together through the glass.
Easily cleans window that is high and dangerous to reach by pulling the string.
Used for various types of glass: houses, units/apartments, schools, offices, balconies, conservatories, sunrooms, greenhouses, mirrors, glass tabletops, cars, coaches, caravans, boats, fish tank, etc.
Application Scope: Glass thickness is less than 6mm.

- DO not use for the broken glass.
- If there is any coagulum like cement on the glass, Please remove first then use.
- First check the safety rope is fastened firmly, then tie it around the non-operated hand and operate the cleaner.
- When use, make sure that there is no impurity on the cleaner, otherwise will damage glass surface.
- For rather dirty glass,after cleaning once,should wash the cleaner for next cleaning.
- Do not clean double-layer vacuum glass or film glass.
- After use, please clean it and store in a cool and dry place to prolong the service life.
- Due to this product has magnetism, please keep away from the TV, watch, magnetic card, etc.
- You can use the scouring pad instead of clean cloth.

What's in the box
1 x double sided window cleaner