Pop Pipes / Tubes - 6 Pack

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This tube toy is designed in a way to help those who struggle with sensory processing disorders and fine motor skills, a great option when choosing toys for autistic children.


When the expandable tube is stretched or compressed the tube generates a popping sound. You can then pull and connect the stretchy tubes together to create lots of fun sounds and shapes.


Get creative by twisting, joining and bending the pull tubes into colourful shapes and letters. The stretch tube also helps improve bilateral coordination and can be used as physical therapy toy.


Maybe you have been looking for a battery-free alternative for auditory toys? Or maybe you are off on a family road trip? Or you’re just looking for something to occupy your children? Then these popping pipes are the ultimate lightweight, portable sensory toys for you and your children.


Colourful Play

A fun, interactive toy for kids, that can be stretched, built, connected, spun, bent, and played within a variety of ways.


Create Unique Sounds

These stretch tubes also become sound tubes! Push or pull them to different lengths or lightly swing them in circles, and your children can create hours of musical fun.


Stimulating Creativity

The tactile feel of each tube is great for physical stimulation while the connectable, build-able design can be used to strengthen fine motor skills.


Home or Classroom Fun

Great for toddlers, preschool classrooms, and early learning occupational therapy. Children of all ages will love bending and pulling each one by themselves or with friends.