Press & Measure Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

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Simply push the button on both sides of the neck and your oil or vinegar pumps into the measuring container for easy portioning.No need for a separate measuring cup. Easy to read graduated measurements on each side 
– teaspoons, tablespoons and milliliters. Easy-pour spout tip
– allows you to pour exactly where you want, evenly and without mess. Glass container 
– allows you to monitor levels and easily identify when you need a refill Safe for fridge or shelf 
– Easy to clean.

•Capacity: 500ml
•Stylish glass and stainless steel cruet
•Lets you pour a precision amount of oil, vinegar
•Measures in tablespoons, teaspoons & ml
•Innovative solution for dieters
•Easy to refill and clean
•Great for dressings, oils, soy sauce and more
•Silicone top seals container when fitted in bottles neck
•Ideal size to measure and dispense oil or vinegar quickly and easily
•Graduate measuring tube with 1 Tbsp. capacity in a 1-1/2 cup bottle