Shake n Take Blender

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Shake 'n Take saves you a lot of time and makes daily routines much easier!


Multi-functional mini blender
Instantly blend smoothies and protein shakes
Blend and drink from the same bottle
Convenient flip top straw
Quick breakfast solution
Ultra-compact base with a powerful high capacity motor
Heavy duty plastic housing
On/off power button with safety interlock on front of blender base
Sports bottle has a twist-on lid with a built-in pop-up straw
Built-in blades in bottom of sports bottle


Wattage: 180W
Shake 'n Take is a smoothie maker with a detachable travel bottle which conveniently blends and lets you drink from the same bottle.
Its high power motor easily turns fruits, vegetables and ice into your favorite smoothies, protein shakes and ice-blended coffee.
Enjoy your smoothie on-the-go while driving in your car as Shake 'n Takes slim design easily fits into car cup holders.
Shake 'n Take 3 holds approx. 16 oz of smoothie.
If you are always in a rush, this easy-to-use device is just what you need



Motorized Machine
2x Bottles