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ProSound 400W Smoke Machine
• 0.25l fluid tank
• Compact, solid and lightweight, easy to use
• Effectively produces much more fog compared to other machine in same class
• High performance heating element allowing you to use less energy during use
• Safety cut off feature to stop the element burning out when no fluid is present
What would I use this fog machine for?
The ProSound 400W smoke machine is perfect for use in a variety of venues. The tank capacity and output allow it to be used in smaller venues such as a front room in a house or even outside for a spooky Halloween effect.
What sort of output should I expect to see?
This fog machine allows an output of 2,500 cubic feet per minute (cfm). This is enough to cover a 6 m² floor area within seconds. This gives you that proper 'club-style' effect without having to leave your own home.
What kind of liquid can I use with this fog machine?
The fluid recommended is specially designed for fog machines. There are two different varieties available from Maplin: light and medium. The light fluid is a less dense solution which disappears quickly for a morning haze style effect. The medium fluid is a more dense solution which lingers giving a spooky Halloween 'graveyard effect'.

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