Snap Fit Drawer Dividers - Set of 2

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With this clever divider, it'll be easy to keep items in the drawers organized. 
Ideal for organizing utensils in household kitchen/bedroom/office drawers. 

With its ratchet style adjustable length, these dividers suit many size drawers. 
Designed with non-slip grips on each end. 

Each divider is 7.3cm in height and can extend from 35cm in length to 50cm* 

- Fix messy clutter drawers in an instant 
- Extendable length to fit drawers of all sizes 
- Ideal for the kitchen, bedroom, office 
- Easy to install, no tools required 
- Can be taken out to wash if required 
- Increase organization and spend less time trying to find things 

2 x Drawer dividers 

Size: 7.5cm (H) x 35-53cm (Adjustable Length) x 1.3cm (Wall Width)/5.5cm (Base Width for Stability)