Toddler Safety Wrist Link

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Kids tend to move and walk around, therefore it is heavily possible to miss your baby while you're shopping in the supermarket,hanging
in the crowded street, or sneaking off a short while only but ignore your baby. This Children's Safety Strap is specially designed to
solve this problem: link the walking baby to you with this anti-scissor leash from 304 stainless steel, safer & worry-free.

Material: PU+Metal+Instant Closure
Length: 1.5meters (Stretched)

- It is elastic, and allows baby's movement within your range
- Quick release and closure
- Comfortable feel
- Parent's end can be attached to parent's hands, backpack, belt, handcart, shopping cart, free your hand up anytiime
- Occasion: Supermarket, Crowded Street, Railway Station, or any other public places

Package Includes:
1 x Anti-lost Strap