Trix Trux

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  • Set includes: 1 Trix Trux Four-Wheel Truck; Quick Snap Flexible Tracks, Cliffhanger-Rumble Road Stunt, Monster Ramp Stunt, Tidal Wave Stunt, Zip-Line, Custom Stickers
  • The monster trucks that flip, climb and zip-line with powerful four-wheel drive for maximum traction, letting your Trix Trux climb, hang, and face plant
  • Action-oriented stunts include for multiple ways to play with over 17 feet of tracks & stunts! Do a face plant across the floor, travel up the Monster Ramp, crawl your way across the Cliffhanger, power through the Tidal Wave, or Zip-Line over any obstacle even on two wheels
  • Combine stunts with flexible, easy-to-use tracks and connectors to make your own obstacle courses-there's no wrong way to build